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Introducing the world’s most versatile ceramic

  • Formulation versatility of a polymer – properties of advanced technical ceramics
  • Low cost processing: 200 °F cure, not 3000 °F sintering
  • Multidimensional customizability, for every application

Not Your Typical Ceramic

The world’s first polymeric ceramic – chemically cured rather than fired – offers simple processing and unprecedented properties.

icon1Physical – Customizable hardness, elasticity, density, substrate adhesion (metal to metal, metal to ceramic, ceramic to ceramic coatings and adhesives) and porosity, all without shrinkage

icon2Ceramic Composites – platform for achieving never before seen properties

icon3Thermal & Electric – tunable conductive and insulating properties

icon4Aesthetic – micron level detail retention with customizable patterns, surface textures, and colors

Material innovation on demand. See what Covaron can do for you.